I am fat and happy

My intention for this is to draw mindfulness to body shaming......

Typically, people think that thin/lean body types are healthy and beautiful with disregard to any other body types. “Skinny” doesn't always mean healthy and beautiful. In my work as an Ayurveda Health Counselor and Yoga teacher, I recognize healthy and unhealthy bodies in thin and heavy body types.

Beautiful is what is in people's hearts, not their appearance.

A thin person may not feel pretty and lean just because of their size. They usually don't want to hear that they are "little" and "small". 🤔. Think of what those words really mean, ("little" and "small").

Our society has shaped us into a visual predators judging and shaming someone for their size and appearance. We will sacrifice ourselves to the surrender of a knife to change our weight and appearance to be more accepting of ourselves and to feel more accepted.

I have lived in a lean body and now a heavy body. I know the judging I have experienced with both and have lived it. Recently, while looking through old pics with family members, I got to hear about how little and pretty I "was". The sadness for them poured over me like water filling a glass as I thought to myself how restricted their minds are. I was thinking to myself that I am still pretty with the largest heart ever living in my fat body. Their judgement was that of anyone who doesn’t practice mindfulness, inclusiveness, and awareness. I didn’t take it personal, I found compassion for them. The people who love me most didn’t mean harm to me but were unaware of the hurt caused by simple words.

My past thinking was masked by judgements of appearances. Sometimes, I still catch myself praising someone by their body size and outside beauty when they deserve so much more.

I feel more safe and protected in this heavier body than ever before. I recall being a visual snack while living in my thin body as a teenager and young adult. I always wanted to hide because I never liked the attention that my body and gene pool provided. I now see the same attention given to my teenage daughters which makes me cringe.

Perhaps my body is a result of physiological repercussions from past pain and suffering protecting myself from further hurt with the body armor created. As a fuller figured yoga teacher who sees the industry flooded with thin white women, I crave to see a diversity of body types and highly encourage it!!

We need to wake up to the many prejudices in this World and body shaming is one of them. I hope we can all recognize this as an important way to grow as a human to improve ourselves. When we improve ourselves and waken our consciousness, we improve everyone who we come in contact with.

Always honor your body with compassion, healthy food and self acceptance. When we do, we accept others for more than their good looks. ~Namaste