Are you setting yourself on fire?

There is a reason "not" to do hot yoga if you are looking at it from an Ayurveda perspective,  which we should not deny is the sister science to yoga and completes a yoga practice. Most people who find themselves in a hot yoga class are the same dosa types that should be avoiding it.  Pitta dosa is an elemental makeup of the fire and water elements.  You know, the determined, goal oriented, and competitive types?  When they heat their natural fiery element further by placing themselves in a heated room, what do you think happens?  The fire spreads!  Believe me when I say I know those fiery types all too well.  The Kapha dosa type is most suited for this type of yoga but most likely won't attend.  Why you ask......Because of it's heavy, dull, oily, and slow traits it is hard to get them moving and motivated to attend such a class.

I started with hot yoga at a local health club.  When I left class, I often found myself depleted and feeling weak.  I didn't understand the reasons until years later and after studying Ayurveda.  Pitta resides in our seasons, time of life, and time of day.  First off, Pitta time of life resides between the ages of 25ish-50ish (the time I was practicing Hot Yoga).  The season of Pitta is around Junish-Septemberish for my location.  Combine a hot yoga practice with a personal dosa type of Pitta during Pitta season and Pitta time of life and what do you think you'll get?  Fire+Fire+Fire!!!  Now I know why I wasn't feeling nourished and good in my body after a hot yoga class. I was left feeling famished and frail because it was depleting rather than nourishing for the needs of my dosa makeup. 

Pitta types like to punish themselves and it doesn't have to be that way.  It took me a long time to notice where I was punishing myself.  There was a period in my life when I was working out too much.  In addition to the 4 weekly hot yoga classes,I was taking; 2 weight lifting classes, 2 spin classes, 1 aerobics class, 1 boot camp class and cycling 43 miles per week.  Yep, that was pitta in full force and out of balance headed towards burnout!  

 If you can relate to the traits of pitta, take a look and see where you can soften in terms of kindness towards oneself.  Take a day off from your routine, walk instead of run, take a leisure bike ride instead of a long and fast "accomplished" ride.  Take a nourishing yoga class like Yin, Restorative and Gentle rather than a Vinyasa or Power class.  We will get more out of stopping to smell the flowers, see the flowers and touch the flowers as opposed to letting ourselves pass them by.         

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash