Group Yoga 

Do you have a group or party interested in yoga?  Schedule a group class at our location or yours to guide you through a practice to fit your needs.  Our qualified teachers' can work with athletes to improve their flexibility, strength, and balance to prevent injury and enhance performance. Perhaps a wedding party, company party or High School Reunion to create calmness and unity.

Private lessons

Are you a new or current student who would like to refine your alignment or work with a teacher exclusively?  If you are seeking a more intimate practice aside from a group class, privates may be for you. 


Ayurveda Consultations

Ayurveda can create balance in your life.  Anger, jealousy, attachment, lethargy, forgetfulness, anxiety and other negative characteristics are examples of imbalance.  These imbalances can transpire into physical ailments for example; weight gain or loss, skin irritations, joint pain, and elimination problems.  Tara Drake, our Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, will help you with diet, yoga and daily routine to create healing and a more stable and healthy lifestyle. 

Studio classes

Our group classes are for most.  Discover yoga with many approachable classes for the beginner or find a challenging class for the experienced pratitioner.  Our experienced teachers offer many weekly classes.  Call for your free consult to discuss your yoga needs. 

Ayurveda Education session

Learn about Ayurveda basics.  Our meet will consist of a one hour talk about Ayurveda practices.  This session will acquaint you with a  Ayurveda diet, daily practices, and yoga practices as a way to balance dosas.